Franchise & More has developed and patented since 1996 a specific methods to evaluate and measure performance of franchise chains.

Franchise Dial
A specific franchise brand is evaluated from 4 different points of view, with 3 criterias each. Results are shown on the franchise dial with a 4-color, 4-blade wind mill. The bigger the blades, the better is the brand.
onsumer (red) criterias are "value", "satisfaction" and "benefit"
System (yellow) criterias are "training", "support" and "supply"
Franchisee (green) criterias are "income", "protection" and "relation"
Franchisor (blue) criterias are "promotion", "distribution" and "competition"

Symmetry Test
The franchise agreement is evaluated in order to protecting the brand, the franchisor and the franchisee. Clauses and applications in 23 subjects in 5 different areas are delivering points for protection degree. At the end, protection of each side is shown with a graphic.

RBM - Retail Brand Measurement
Brand in one sector is evaluated by mystery shoppers in 3 different areas, the brand, the facility and the product. Each area has 5 criterias to be evaluated. As the surway is done for all major players of a sector, the performance of the brand is measured. 3 outlets are visited for each brand every period.