Franchise & More is actively giving education to all participants of franchise industry. F&M orginizes public and special seminars since 1996 for franchisors. F&M founded Franchise Academy with UFRAD and Aydın University in 2007. F&M held speechs to several high school students , Chamber of Commerce members, businessmen groups to inform and attract businessmen for franchising. F&M informs public with radio and TV programs, magazin and newspaper articles. 
F&M Representatives are informing potential franchisees onlne and by meeting free of charge since 1996.
F&M seminars are given in Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya every month in four different topics each 4 hours : "Who should buy franchise", "Gain and loss of franchisee", "Site selection", "Agreement and negotiation",
Franchisors F&M seminars for franchisors are given under following topics, each 4 hours. "Who should franchise", "Strategy and preparation", "Manual", "Training", "Audit", "Agreement", "Masterfranchise", "Pricing", "Development and site selection", "Local store marketing".
Entrepreneurs F&M has a special program for entrepreneure training.  Main focus is not founding a business, but keeping the businees alive. Practical hints are given to attendees in 4 hours seminars under following topics: "Partnership", "Competition advantage", "Managing people", "Riscs of growth", "Advertising vs. advise".
F&M Representatives F&M representatives get "Basic", "Advanced" and "Coaching" courses by F&M. For each brand they will be authorized to sell, they take 1 day training by the franchisor. 
Coaching  F&M coaching discipline starts with determining the entrepreneurs specifications and continues with education. Coaching clients get from F&M coaches private courses according their needs, which they choose among 20 topics.
UFRAD Franchise Academy
F&M is partner, organizer and curriculum provider of UFRAD Franchise Academy. Seminars are given F&M representatives, UFRAD members and Aydın University professors. Franchisees get 12 hours theoretical and 3 days practical training. Franchisors get theoretical training in 10 different topics total 102 hours and make a group project to franchise a sample business. Weekend seminars are limited to 48 hours.