We support franchise chains by entering Turkish market in four steps. Together with local solution partners, we provide in every stage expert services to get the best results. Steps are consecutive but independent, each may be applied solely.
  • 1st step: Market report
  • 2nd step: Promotion
  • 3rd step: Masterfranchise
  • 4th step: Adaptation
Market report
We investigate the concept, evaluate the success chance in the local market and prepare a report covering following topics.
  • Market size, consumer behavior, competition
  • Competitive advantages of the concept
  • SWOT analysis
  • Acceptance of products and services by consumers
  • Attractivity for potential franchisees
  • Suitable market entry strategy
We promote the concept to local entrepreneurs and potential franchisees in following media.
  • We promote via special franchise portals entrepreneurs in order to find suitable masterfranchisee candidates
  • We inform by direct mailing certain lists of entrepreneurs about the opportunity
  • We publish interview and news about the concept in local press
  • We explain conditions of masterfranchise to interested entrepreneurs
  • We evaluate all applicants, interview and investigate candidates, prepare a short list
We find suitable entrepreneurs and introduce them to the company. Our services are limited to following performances.
  • We inform our network of entrepreneurs about the concept
  • We introduce suitable investors to the brand owner
We guide the selected masterfranchisee  by founding and launching the concept in the local market with following services.
  • We prepare the subfranchise agreement according to Turkish law
  • We find and rent suitable places for stores
  • We adapt the franchise system to local conditions, write the manual in Turkish
  • We build management team for franchise operations
  • We find capable contractors for critical operations
  • We start the training
  • We build the auditing system including mystery shoppers