About Consulting
Getting advise is buying time,
reaching aims earlier
No advisor, including us 
can help one, who is unable to succeed
Getting advise is paying once
and knowing learning cost upfront
Gaining experience is paying cost of
learning during investment and operation
Cost of learning will be determined 
after being succesfull
About Entrepereneurs
We appreciate entrepreneurs
who have courage 
... who develop
their own way
... who invent
and take risc
... a few of them will be
locomotives of our economy
We respect entreprenurs
who hire experts for tasks
... who trust co-workers
and manage sources
We support such modern
 and responsible ones
Most of them will be engines,
vagons, rails of our economy
About F&M

 Branded and systematical managed businesses will be preferred by investors and consumers in Turkey
 State will prevent the unfair competition against those entrepreneurs paying taxes, producing quality, obeying laws, respecting consumers.
 Turkish brands will succesfuly compete with international brands in world markets. 

Mission  Developing franchising in a healty way an in a trust environment in Turkey.
 Supporting turkish franchisors by operating according world standards in Turkey and by going abroad succesfuly.
 Providing to franchisors in Turkey and abroad all franchise related services they may need
 Informing franchisees in all issues they may need and linking them to investments most suiting their conditions. 

 Serving only clients who really benefit from our services
 Founding franchise systems where both franchisors and franchisees benefit  
Founding franchise systems according local laws, UFRAD principles and fair trade practice 
Not serving competitors of our clients
 Considerng business as a whole and supporting our client in any way we can
 Running the project according to a time schedule and measurable performances
Make our client able to operate alone, once our job is completed 
Not to sell franchise, unless being sure of franchisees success


 Franchise & More is on the side of franchisees
 Franchisors know and accept this
 Franchisees know and benefit from that