SERVICES - Introduction
Franchise & More is founded in 1996 in Istanbul/Turkey. Since its foundation, F&M is the leading franchise consultant and broker in Turkey. MISSION STATEMENT
Organization of F&M in Turkey is a multilevel franchise network  Area Representatives are serving franchisors and franchisees and manage F&M representatives in their area. Brand Representatives are promoting and selling contracted franchise brands to potantiel franchisees. Candidate Representatives are promoting F&M to franchisee candidates. F&M representatives are prohibited to compete with F&M in these core businesses. Related businesses such as management consultancy, real estate brokerage, financal consultancy, advertising agency, etc.of F&M Representatives are allowed, preferred and supported by F&M. 
International organization of F&M is run by Country Representatives, who build and manage F&M system in their countries. F&M INTERNATIONAL
Services of F&M is founding, marketing, consulting, auditing, training, informing of franchise brands and entrepreneurs. Franchisees are served mostly free of charge, unless they take franchise coaching.
Franchise sales is done under exclusive or nonexclusive contracts. Several turkish and international brands are being promoted and sold by F&M Representatives. Potential franchisees are attracted, interviewed and investigated by F&M representatives, final agreement is done by the franchisor.
Masterfranchise services to foreign chains aiming entrance into Turkey is given in four steps, i.e. market research, promotion, sales and adoptation.   MASTERFRANCHISE
Education for franchising is the mission and strenght of F&M. Courses, seminars, articles, speechs in universities and NGO's, researchs, reports are made continuously. F&M is the sole organization giving franchise courses for franchisors and franchisees since 1996. F&M founded Franchise Academy in cooperation with Aydin University and UFRAD in Istanbul. MORE
Audit is made by F&M in different patented ways. Franchise Check-Up, using the Franchise Deal, in order to evaluate the franchising performance. RBM, the "retail brand measurement" is comparing significant players of fast food industry by regular customer visits and evaluating outlets according F&M criterias. Mystery shoppers are visiting franchise outlets and evaluating the applience of internal procedures. Symmetry Test is evaluating franchise agreements according the protection of the brand, the franchisor and the franchisee. MORE
Location is in the focus of F&M as the main success factor for retailing. Site selection, real estate acquisition, negotiating of rental conditions, assessment for turnover, value estimation, suggestion for suitable brands are made by RE&SS, the sister company of F&M for real estate services.
NGO  F&M has served as founder, president and board member of UFRAD, the Turkish Franchise Association. F&M is a member of YDD, the Turkish Management Consultants Association.
Figures of F&M activities (as of May 2013)
# 1 F&M is the first and only franchise consultants franchise network of Turkey
# 4 portals are managed by F&M (FM - FR - DS - GK)
# 15 major cities of Turkey are served on site by F&M Representatives
# 40+ franchise brands are being sold by F&M on contractual basis
# 100+ franchise chains are consulted by F&M
# 200+ companies attended F&M trainings for franchisors
# 700+ individual visitors visited F&M internet portals daily in average
# 3000+ pages of F&M internet portals are viewed daily in average
# 25.000+ inquiries are directed from F&M portal members to franchisors
# 70.000+ portal members use F&M services
Contact: Email: post@franchisemore.com 
Phone: +90-216-580 8828  Mobile: +90-532-622 7217 (Osman Bilge)